Best 20 Ways to Lose Weight and Stay Fit

Best 20 ways to lose weight and be fit

Losing weight is a struggle that millions of people from all around the world are dealing with. Everyone seems to be in search of a magic pill, but the truth is there isn’t around one. Therefore the search for new and more effective ways to lose weight and get in shape goes on. Recently popsugar published an article “100 ways to lose weight”. It’s a viral one, as many of the popsugar articles go viral. Out of 100 ways, we have short listed the best 20 ways to lose weight and be fit. Hope you will enjoy it and get benefited with this:

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1. Muscle mass burns more calories, so include three 20-minute strength-training sessions each week.
2. Add sprinting intervals to your workout to target belly fat.
3. Add an extra five minutes to your cardio routine.
4. Take time once a week to plan out and shop for meals and snacks so you’re prepared whenever hunger strikes.
5. Once a week, snap a photo of yourself so you can see proof of your body changing. Weight-loss jars are also a great visual reminder of reaching your goal.
6. Keep cut-up fruits and veggies in the fridge to grab for snacks or easy meals.
7. You already know never to skip breakfast, but it’s also important to eat within an hour of waking to boost your metabolism.
8. Bake a healthy breakfast ahead of time to ensure you don’t grab a sugary scone on the run.
9. Eat a grapefruit instead of drinking juice; the fiber will help you feel full longer, and grapefruit is proven to help with weight loss.
10. Instead of cream cheese or butter on bread or bagels, spread almond or peanut butter. The healthy fats satiate hunger and can decrease belly fat.
11. At the beginning of the week, prepare a big container of salad to keep in the fridge. If the salad is already made, you’re more likely to get greens with your dinner.
12. Halfway through your meal, stop and drink some water and decide if you’re really hungry for the rest or if you’re just eating it because it’s on your plate.
13. Keep snacks to 150 calories or fewer.
14. Choose wet snacks such as melon, peppers, cherry tomatoes, or celery. Their water content will fill you up and prevent bloating.
15. Eat a little something sweet every day to satiate your cravings and to avoid inhaling an entire pint of ice cream later.
16. Make your own low-fat ice cream using frozen bananas and peanut butter or luscious cherries and chocolate.
17. Go open-faced to cut calories and carbs.
18. Share weight-loss goals with co-workers so they invite you for a postwork Zumba class instead of happy hour.
19. Pour almond milk in your cereal instead of skim milk.
20. Choose menu items that are grilled, baked, blackened, steamed, or broiled instead of fried or breaded.

The writer has some out of the box ideas as well. Especially at number 5 of taking a snap shot once a week. It doesn’t make you lose weight, but it keeps you motivated and focused on your target. Sharing your weight loss goals and results will only remind you of your dream goals, but help others to get motivated and follow your directions.
Get a minor twist to number 12, instead of drinking water halfway through the meal; drink a pint of water before starting the meal. It doesn’t only do the required trick, but it has its own effect to losing weight as studies suggest.

We all know that losing weight is not easy at all. First of all it requires a lot of will power to start with and then relocation of you budget could bring to a standstill your efforts. But after all if you are really up to that- you sure will achieve it.
Set your goal and don’t stop until you are done. Eat healthier, practice sports, mark your goals and note down your achievements. Just don’t stop until you are done.
The previously mentioned tips could be a great start for your new way of life.
The truth is that there are many other ways about how you could lose weight faster and easier but key is to take action.

Looking for easier solution? well, then read below another pupsugar article:

How to Lose Weight Without Even Trying

If all the above mentioned ways to loose weight seems difficult, then you may try these. Not as effective as the above ones, but better than not doing anything.  How many times an expert reveals you the idea to loose weight without even trying. This Article by Leta Shy for POPSUGAR Fitness shares some effective ideas to keep reducing (slowly but progressively) without applying special efforts. Please check out the excerpts of the article and share your thoughts with us.
By Leta Shy for POPSUGAR Fitness

Losing weight takes a lot of sweat and discipline……….there are a lot of simple ways to see those pounds…….., no gym or diet required.

1. Start every meal with a glass of water: You’ll stay hydrated…………
2. Make a few simple swaps at every meal: Choosing a vinaigrette dressing over creamier options like Green Goddess dressing can save you 80 calories, …………
3. Have a piece of dark chocolate for dessert: Instead of opting for the cookies in the break room, satisfy …………….
4. Be diligent with portion control: If you want to lose weight, stick to the right portions at every meal…………..
5. Move more: Even if you can’t dedicate an entire chunk of time to a workout.. …. Take breaks to walk around the office, opt for the stairs instead of the escalator, and park a little farther…………………..

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