The 5 Most Effective Exercises For Building Massive Shoulders

 5 Most Effective Exercises For Building Massive ShouldersShoulders can be one one of the most popular muscle groups to work amongst many bodybuilders and fitness competitors especially for males.

One of the reasons why the shoulders are so popular is because if a person possesses a big broad set of shoulders they can easily look much more intimidating to the people around them.

A big set of shoulders along with a wide back given what I like to call the muscular illusion. Developing the upper body and specializing on these two muscle groups, shoulders especially, will surely help you develop this illusion of muscularity.

I would like to share with you some of the most essential exercises to perform if you are seeking bigger shoulders.

Seated dumbell shoulder presses:Seated dumbell shoulder presses

Dumbbell shoulder presses are a great compound exercise to include in any way training program. The front dumbbell presses allow you to really stress the shoulder muscles by using a heavy set of weights.

The seated dumbbell presses will be highly beneficial to gain muscle in the front and medial deltoids.

Upright barbell row:Upright barbell row

This standing upright barbell row is a great exercise to include to build the traps as well as the front and medial deltoids.

Hand placement is very important for this particular exercise and everyone should adjust the width between their hands to ensure that they feel the muscles working.

Some people find a wider hand placement is better while others find that a closer hand grip spacing is better. Decide for yourself.

Side dumbbell raises:Side dumbbell raises

This side dumbbell raises are highly beneficial for working the medial deltoids also known as the side deltoids.

This side raises should be completed after the initial compound movements such as the shoulder dumbbell presses and the standing barbell rows.

Including this isolation exercise will help you to gain muscle and definition on the side head of the shoulder.

Make sure to use a light set of weights that allows you to keep strict form and tension on the shoulder. Do not swing the weight but rather use a controlled movement when raising and lowering the dumbbell.

Front dumbbell raises:Front dumbbell raises

The front dumbbell raises work the front deltoids. By including front dumbbell raises in your quest to gain muscle you will start to develop better muscle separation between your chest muscles and your shoulder muscles.

Again make sure to only include this isolation exercise after already including of compound movement as mentioned above.

You will be strong this in the front dumbbell raises so if you need to fill free to use a slightly heavier weight then you would when you perform side dumbbell raises.

Rear dumbbell raises:Rear dumbbell raises

The rear deltoids are often the most neglected head of the shoulder muscle. For one, not many people work their retail toy properly. Secondly, people avoid this muscle group because it is simply not as attractive as working beside deltoids and the front deltoids.

However, if a person was to include additional rear dumbbell raises to work the rear deltoids they would see a massive improvement in overall shoulder development.

I would even go as far as to recommend starting off your eyes elation portion of your workouts with rear dumbbell raises first.

You will be weakest in your rear deltoids therefore it is important to use a weight that allows you to use strict form and ensure that you feel the muscle working properly.

Do not use momentum or swing the weights as this will take the tension off of the rear deltoids. Use a weight that you can handle, aim for good form and execute the exercise properly and you will see much better progression in your rear deltoids development.

Feel free to include any or all of these exercises in your next workout.

Be sure to start off with compound movements and then move on to isolation exercises near the end of the workout.

You will be your strongest in your front raise is, second strongest in your side raises and you will be at your weakest when you perform rear dumbbell raises.

Be sure to adjust your weights accordingly and you should see a great deal to improvement very soon.

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