10 Tips for Bigger Biceps by Calum Von Moger

Calum Von Moger is the World Fitness Federation 2014 Mr Universe winner. He is known for his bigger biceps and people want to know how he maintains them. Here is an ultimate list of tips for bigger biceps from Calum von Moger.

  1. Preacher Curls Tricks

Calum Von Moger begins his workout routine with 1-2 sets of preacher curls. Later on he adds some more sets of 10-12 reps. Even he reduces weight by 25 percent to continue the sets in case of muscle failure. Another trick is to do six partial reps and six full reps.

  1. Reps Scheme in Biceps Training

You should start your workout with standing curl using EZ bar or barbell. Some warm up is essential before heavy training sets. Later you can add preaches curl, concentrated curls and dumbbell curls. You can do three sets of all exercise.

  1. Training Split

Arms are the strongest part of Calum Von Moger. In the past, he used to train biceps a lot with 20 sets. Currently, he reduced his biceps training to 10 sets only and that once a week. It helps keeping arm proportion to the body.

  1. The Most Underrated Biceps Exercise

The most underrated biceps exercise is standing concentration curl using a dumbbell. Most of the people perform this exercise wrong. If you do it correctly, then it is one of the most wonderful exercises for increase height of biceps. You can do it in bent-over position while keeping one hand on knee.

  1. The Most Overrated Biceps Exercise

The most overrated biceps exercise is single-arm cable curl with a low pulley. It puts load on elbow instead of biceps because your hands are above elbow and the biceps are in rest mode.

  1. Calum Von Moger’s Favorite Biceps Exercise

The favourite biceps exercise of Calum Von Moger is Preacher curls. This exercise is really good for mind-muscle connection. This exercise targets brachialis whether you perform it with barbell or dumbbells.

Another favourite exercise for biceps training is dropsets and forced reps. He also prefers barbell curls with lots of cheat curls. The concept of cheat curls is a little tricky, but they are very helpful. You can complete more reps with cheat curls as instead of going to rest mode, you continue with extra momentum from legs and hips. He performs hammer curls with ropes rather than dumbbells.

  1. Secret of Calum Von Moger Big Arms

Calum Von Moger says “there is no big secret”. He loves training them. He performs biceps training thrice a week. So, it’s fun pushing for hard workout routine. You should perform heavy exercises first and isolated later on.

  1. Biggest Mistakes to Avoid During Biceps Training

One of the biggest mistake people do during biceps training is lifting very heavy weights. It can easily result is tearing a muscle. Even it happened with Calum Von Moger a few times. Luckily those tears were minor. After that he avoided lifting supper heavy weights.

Another mistake is lack of focus. There should be mind-muscle connection. If it is not achieved, then your workout will suffer. You should stay focused and avoid distractions. Trainees should perform any workout should under proper supervision to avoid poor techniques and bad forms.

  1. How to increase workout intensity?

To increase the intensity of biceps training, you can do supersets which decreases rest time between sets. When you train your biceps, your triceps are resting; when you train your triceps, your biceps are resting. It decreases your workout time and intensifies it.

  1. Best Bicep’s Training Advice

The first exercise of Calum Von Moger workout schedule is Olympic curls. During the preparation of his second competition, he was advised to use straight bar instead of EZ bar for standing curls. These changes were very hurting in the beginning and become very stressful for underhand grip. But, after sometime, it strengthened his wrist and he was able to put more quality time.

Calum Von Moger suggests working on basic lifts. You should work on your form and increase the number of sets and reps for peak-size bigger biceps.


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