This 4-Minute Workout Video is Best Replacement for the Gym

Obesity is a serious issue that is plaguing our society. To counter this, only solution is to exercise/ workout. I can hear you say ‘where is the time?’ well just take out 4 minutes daily to become a fit and fantastic person. You may not believe this but stretches and exercises can save you time. They’re equal to pounding on the treadmill for an hour. All you need is some space and a mat. Motivate yourself to start this workout routine and see yourself transform into an amazing person both physically and mentally.

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Conserves energy

This 4 minute workout will help you to burn calories. In a month you can see the decline in body weight. Moreover this 4 minute workout improves your metabolism and the ability to digest food. When you’re at the gym sweating it out your cells require oxygen so as to break down glucose and in so doing derive energy. The more work they do, the more oxygen they demand from the lungs. Your muscles or cells exhaust their oxygen supplies more rapidly, requiring you to replace it by breathing in deeply. In order to deliver this oxygen to the cells quicker, your heart increases its work rate. Often this leads to fatigue and that is why you see people who gym look tired and exhausted. Whereas when you exercise for just 4 minutes and can burn the same amount of fat and look fantastic, why go in for a strenuous workout by paying money?

Maintain body balance

The workouts aid in maintaining body balance, arm strength, core muscles stability and help you to be flexible. All these exercises are explained in detail in the above video. You can simply watch the video while working out daily. This will motivate you to exercise.



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