The Secret To Truly Understanding Walking For Losing Weight

This Is How Much Walking You REALLY Need To Lose Weight?

While trying to find a dynamic and effective workout routine, we use to neglect the significance of some very simple and basic forms of exercises like taking a walk.

Walking increases pulmonary and cardiovascular health and lowers risk of heart disease and stroke. Great remedy for diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol, joint and muscular pain or stiffness, diabetes and also good for bones and improved balance.
With routine walk you increase muscle strength and endurance and reduce body fat.Walk Routine

Get into the walking habit

Since lot of people become psychologically fatigued during the afternoon or evening, therefore plan to walk before you start your whole day. To ease into a morning routine, try to keep your walking gear ready, so you’ll have everything right there when your alarm rings in the a.m. If you’re really not a morning person, try strolling during your lunch break, instead. Here we are sharing some excerpts from a well written article about walking to reduce weight.

Walking is probably the most comfortable form of exercising nowadays….

Namely, within 5 months of walking, you can lower more than 20 pounds only with walking and without visiting gym or putting yourself into specific diets. You can also shape up the muscles and improve your health while lowering weight and inches from the body…….!


Learn How to Walk To Lose Weight

There are two factors that affect the calories burnt while walking. These are the body weight and the walking place. For instance, you could burn 400 calories in an hour, if you are walking with an average speed of four miles an hour…………

Pedometers & Weight Loss
…………The American Medical Association is recommending the usage of pedometer for more efficient and better weight loss control. ….

Number of Steps Needed to Lose Weight:………………….1 mile = 100 calories burned and 2000 steps

1 pound = 3500 calories

Losing weight of 1 pound per week = 500 calories per day

You should have 10 000 steps per day to lose 1 pound in 1 week.

Keep the Interest for Walking

In order not to quit walking as a routine, you need to find a way to make it more interesting and thus to cont……:

  • Do not use the exact same track each day, it will become a boring routine.
  • Try to walk in different areas, neighborhoods, parks or listen your favorite music, that will be great motivation and will give you more energy to rich the goal.
  • Buy treadmill and watch the favorite movie or TV program when you are walking, so the cold weather should not be a problem…………..


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