Scientists confirm that the Paleo diet is nonsense

The Truth Behind Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet has gained more and more popularity over the last years. It is believed to not only facilitate effective weight loss but also have multiple benefits for your health. Let’s take a look at this critical approach to the Paleo lifestyle – based upon a belief that the caveman diet consisted mostly of protein and fat and was low in carbohydrates. The perception seems to be a misconception as a study by The Quarterly Review of Biology indicated.

Author Deena Shanker at has composed a good review on the study as below:

“But according to a new study in The Quarterly Review of Biology the low carb interpretation of the Paleolithic menu is probably all wrong. The researchers posit that our cavemen and cave woman and ancestors- loved and needed- carbs as much as we do even if they gathered them instead of cultivated them.”

The conclusion of this study is very controversial especially amongst the believers in the low carb caveman diet. Those believe that the caveman diet was based entirely on what they were able to hunt – meat and fat with nuts and perhaps some fruit such as berries. Assuming that the cavemen relied heavily on carbohydrates shakes the very foundation and credibility of the Paleo diet.

Furthermore scientists believe that starchy carbs may have been, alongside meat, the basic staple of our ancestors diet.

According to Deena “Nutritional requirements and evolutionary evidence to support the idea that cavemen did not live on meat alone as the brain grew during this period more energy was needed and it likely came from carbohydrates and not protein, too much of which can be toxic to the human body and even cause death.”

There is some solid logic behind this reasoning including the obtaining of meat such a hunting required substantial effort while obtaining carbohydrate sources was relatively easy, fat and less dangerous. The research continues to explain:

“Although meat may have been a preferred food the energy expenditure required to obtain it may have been far greater than that used for collecting tubers from a reliable source.”

This research seems to discredit the Paleo diet, and it can certainly be concluded that its believers should keep an open mind to alternatives and continue looking for the healthiest options available when it comes to food and nutritional balance.

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