Protein shake, before or after workout?

Protein shakes have been confirmed to a reasonable extent that it’s a good and useful supplement. A sports nutrition consultant Pro-Active ( Becky Stevenson said in a recent article at “Most protein shakes are made of whey or soy”. If correctly and instructional used by anyone who wants to build muscle or an athlete who wants to stay on top of his game, protein shakes can be very beneficial and in that aspect.

Mere saying protein shakes; everyone expects everything to be about protein alone. However, this is definitely untrue with an ideal protein as recognized Stevenson who said “‘Protein’ shakes are actually ‘carb-and-protein’ shakes. The carbs in your shakes are vital to fueling for muscle-building. If you don’t have enough carbs, your body will eat into the muscle you already have for fuel. The idea that muscle-building is only about protein is a big misconception: carbs are vital to the process too.”

When to Use Protein Shakes

It is essential to know the right time to take your protein and its concentration before undertaking a workout. Karen Reid was reported to have said: “pre-workout shake is by far the most effective if drunk around half an hour before you start your workout session” in another recent article of After, taking the shake, you should ensure you begin the session immediately as any bottleneck in the session after the shake up to an hour can render this useless.

Reid who happened to be a registered sports dietician stressed furthered on the concentration of protein and others in your shake. He noted, “A shake with high protein and low carbs (as in carbohydrates) is not ideal as lack of carbs can leave you more at risk of muscle damage”. This is to highlight the fact that only minute concentration of protein is what you need and a reasonable amount of carbs to have an effective and efficient protein shake.

Importance of Protein Shake

In a nutshell, taking of protein shake before a workout is advisable in as much as the concentration of protein in the shake is minimal compared to carbs the importance of which is bodybuilding. You’re also made to understand that contrary to the popular mythology that protein is the buildings-building, carbs too serve a similar function.

Now, in post-workout session, different opinions of different schools of thoughts and knowledge have been garnered. Some argue that drinking a shake with breakfast helps control insulin spikes negating the risk of diabetes. This is actually from researchers at the University of Newcastle. Although, this has generated controversies over time.


Online strength and nutrition coach Scott Baptie also registered his professional opinion on consumption of protein shake after the workout session. He said “Consuming a shake immediately after a workout isn’t a bad idea, but it’s certainly not a necessity,” he says. You might not need a shake the second you’ve dumped the dumbbells, but getting high-quality protein within three hours is essential. “A 25g+ serving of quality protein within this time frame is enough to stimulate muscle protein synthesis,” be fully understand says Baptie.

If this goes down well with you, you fully understand the importance of protein shakes, the beneficial concentration to be taken before and after a workout and how you are expected to use it for optimum action.

More Information on Protein Shakes

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