New Weight Loss Procedure Involving Balloon Technology Approved

Lose Weight with Intragastric Balloon procedure

If you are looking for a weight loss solution in USA and not aware of Intragastric Balloon procedure, in that case there is a good news for you.

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Recently reported that FDA approved a new balloon technology for weight loss, however it was already approved in some other parts of the world. In this procedure:

“with no cutting, doctors use an endoscope to go through the mouth and down the esophagus to place the balloon in the stomach. Once inside, it’s inflated with saline. Patients are sedated for about 30 minutes and go home that day.”

Watch the videos below for more explanation

Instragastric Balloon side effects

After the installation of balloon you could experience stomach cramps and/or a sense of nausea and maybe vomiting. This could be well taken care with medication.
Some others but very rare complications have been reported by are as follows:

As the tube is fitted through the mouth, you may experience damage to the oesophagus or stomach……if this occurs and is severe you will require emergency surgery. Your surgical team will be on hand……
• You may also experience a risk of infection…… caused by bacteria….. the infection will usually occur once the balloon has been deflated and removed or if a leak is caused,………..
• Another complication could be Intestinal obstruction……– this will cause it to pass through the intestines like normal food………………

Intragastric Balloon Reviews

If you are looking for reviews of real people who have gone through done this procedure then NetDoctor is a good site to visit.

If you need more questions to be answered we recommend gastric balloon Australia. They have listed an informative list of FAQ about gastric balloon on their site.


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