Here’s Why You Should Not Dispose Of Carrot Leaves

Carrot leaves

I am cocksure everyone is aware of the nutritional significance of carrot but only a few know that of its leaves. If you happen to be one of those that dispose of carrot leaves then you’re completely and maximally consuming the full nutrients of carrot. Carrot leaves, contrary to popular belief, are edible and highly nutritious because of its great contents. This article intends to unveil the significance of carrot leaves consumption for all. I prepare a very conservative list of some contents of carrot leaves and their economic, social and medicinal importance.

The nutritional contents of carrot leave according to include but are not limited to ” Chlorophyll, magnesium, potassium and calcium. More interestingly, the vitamin C content of carrot leaves is six times more than that of carrot itself. That means you must have been throwing away the nutrients your body craves when you are throwing away carrot leaves.

Powerful antiseptic and healing juice opined that “The juice present in the leaves of carrot are highly antiseptic”. This implies that by mere chewing these leaves, it prevents the breed of harmful microbes in your mouth thereby getting rid of mouth sores, bleeding gums as well as bad breath. It can also help in disinfecting wounds or any ulcers on our body as well improves the healing process of wounds when mixed with honey.

Improved fertility and sexual action

This is another important function of carrot leaves. Some of the carrot leaves usually have a substance that stimulates pituitary secretion. This substance is called porphyrin. Porphyrin helps in stimulating anterior pituitary to increase its production of sex hormones like follicle stimulating hormone, FSH. This hormone, FSH, is a sex hormone that helps in sexual activity and response. It also improves fertility. Though, it is imperative to note here that carrot leaves, in a recent article published on is said to stimulate uterine contraction and cessation of menstruation, hence, it is medically unethical for pregnant women.

Relief from migraines in one of its latest write-up concluded: “migraines usually occur as a result of lack of some vital vitamins and minerals in the body most of which are present in carrot leaves bountifully”. One perfect way of ending migraines headache is preparing a cup of carrot leaves, celery and cucumber juice evenly mixed together.

Bone strength said, ‘There is a high concentration of calcium in carrot leaves which explain its bone function”. Consumption of carrot leaves will ensure strong bone and teeth as well as prevent bone problems like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and so on.

Blood circulation

The state of our heart determines the state of our health. Healthy heart has smooth and normal blood flow. If the normal rate of blood flow is altered, it poses a serious problem to body system especially the brain thereby leading to various problems like myocardial infarction, stroke and so on. Carrot leaves according to “help to keep blood circulation constant and normal oxygen level”

Digestive importance

According to Carly Fraser, a neuroscientist said in an article she published on, “Carrot leaves aid digestion and egestion”. It contains chlorophyll, the green pigment substance, which helps in cleaning of intestines and widening of intestinal sphincters for easy passage of food nutrients. It also increases nutrients absorption by ejecting accumulated toxic waste matter in the intestines into the rectum where they are passed out of the body through the anus as part of feces.

Significance of carrot leaves, according to ” Can never be overemphasized and so the need to start consuming it too”


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