Couple Manage to lose 175 lbs. Together under Their Successful 7-Steps Strategies- Find out How

Recently published an important guideline of a couple that managed to lose pounds of body weight under a tight and strict procedure that yielded remarkable results. After their lengthy interview with the couple, they discovered losing weight is not a big deal. All you need it to eat well, avoid fast foods and exercise at your pace. 

Brian and Erin LeBlanc are currently enjoying their shrinking body sizes as well as bulging wallets after losing 175 lbs together. However, she is still excellent foods made of starchy vegetables and grains while he enjoys ice cream. The couple shed their weight mostly by eliminating fast food, putting more efforts on exercise and workouts, and focusing on little portion sizes of food. In fact, they are saving a lot of money in this process. Find how! Brian told us today that they are happier than ever and they have made some changes that have enabled them to live to the fullest.  

Two years ago, Brian, 30 years old, weighed 250 pounds and he decided to slim down. One year ago, Erin, 31 years old, joined Brian’s effort topping scale at 190 pounds. Currently, he has lost a half of his weight while Erin has already shed 50 pounds. How did they achieve it? Well, they did it by eliminating more food, adjusting their grocery shopping habits, and of course, minimizing alcohol consumption. In fact, according to them, these steps enabled them to save more than $500 per month. 

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What Are Their Advice to the Successful Weight-loss Plan?

1. Buy A Kitchen Scale

The couple has recommended using of food scale in your kitchen to help you maintain or lose weight. How exactly will this help? Can I just use measuring spoons or cups to measure the correct portions? Well, these are great questions. However, while measuring spoons and cups are also helpful, there are various cases where they will not do the trick. The nutrition information depends on weight and measurements are just mere estimates. Weighing every food you eat allows you to know some calories you are taking in. 

According to LeBlanc’s, one of the more potent they did was to purchase food scale, and they used to weigh every food they ate. Erin said that this tool should contain a golden aura around it since it is MAGICAL. In fact, she added that if you start measuring everything you eat, you will surprisingly notice how much you underestimate what you are eating. It is a tool of portion control. 

2. Log Your Calories

After all, it is a beautiful thing to sit back, especially at the end of the day and see the important analysis of everything you ate. However, you need to understand the importance of the figures you are getting. According to the couple’s primary motor: Calorie in, Calories out, everyone had a certain amount of calorie to work with every day. As a result, you must balance what you eat with the amount of calorie you burn. Otherwise, you will end up gaining weight gradually. 

Brain believed that their previous false starts on weight-loss plan fail since they took more of their time to log and measure everything they ate. In fact, Brian said that he was logging to his calorie for more than 640 days. Due to this inconvenience, the couple used MyFitnessPal App to figure out their caloric requirement, and during the phase of their weight-loss, the couple ate approximately 1,300 calories a day. 

3. Never Rigidly Cut Out A Particular Food

Did you know that low carb or starvation diet for weight loss may lead to serious complications? Well, the couple advises people not to cut out their normal food rigidly. In fact, Erin describes herself as a “Carboholic.” She like eating Pizzas and Cereals. They are also enjoying a reasonable portion of ice creams and potato chips as well as all foods they enjoy but cut the portion sizes. The have an ice cream half of the serving as recommended on the label. Despite having an entire BIG MAC meal at McDonald’s, she enjoys a kid-size once a while to enhance weight loss. 

4. Embrace Exercise and Workout that You Enjoy

Finding an activity that you enjoy more makes you have a total passion towards it. For Brian, he tried running training back in 2015 and really loved it. Does it help? Well, usually running clear his head, assist him in dealing with occasional stress and feel perfect. What about Erin? For Erin, it is not that much. She does not like running. In fact, she has a T-shirt labeled, “I HATE RUNNING.” She loves weight lifting exercise, and she finds it empowering and rewarding. It does not make sense that because you hate running, or a particular activity you cannot lose weight. You can! All you need to do is to find an activity, workout, or exercise that suits and you like it. Look forward to getting maximum satisfaction out there! 

Personally, I discovered their strategies more efficient. In fact, when they are working out every day as they said, to lose weight and get fit, they were looking for a routine that offers optimal results. They typically use a kitchen scale to measure each and every food they are eating. Their aim is to minimize calorie intake without rigidly eliminating various food types. One of the best things I discovered about the couple is that they never used any weight loss medication or undergone a weight loss surgery to achieve their goals. For Brian, who love running, he started with his slow pace. He said that he used to count his steps and now he is participating in half marathon. AWESOME!


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